I’m not a big fan of Kevin Poulsen’s writing, but he’s put together a solid article for the latest Wired: One Hacker’s Audacious Plan to Rule the Black Market in Stolen Credit Cards

He worked for two straight days; when he tired, he crashed out on the apartment’s foldaway bed for an hour or two, then got up and went back at it. Butler sent an email under the handle Iceman to all the thieves whose accounts he had usurped. Whether they liked it or not, he wrote, they were now members of his own site, CardersMarket.com. In one bold stroke, Butler had erected one of the largest criminal marketplaces the Internet had ever seen, 6,000 users strong.

It’s funny, good hackers never get caught because they were defeated in some cyber-battle or because they left a door open behind them somewhere, they only get caught because they’re greedy or they love to talk.

If we had time machines someone would soooo be fired

Thanks to Life Magazine, a pre-war German espionage cypher has been revealed:

What you see here is a photo that never should have been allowed to be taken, and one which provides an amazing, one-of-a-kind glimpse into the world of WWII espionage and counter-espionage. As far as I can tell, what is shown in this picture is an FBI agent in New York encrypting a message, passed from “DUNN” – Duquesne – through Sebold, prior to transmitting that message to Germany via shortwave radio.

There’s more discussion on this photo taking place on Bruce Schneier’s site that’s worth reading for any crypto fans. Incredibly fascinating stuff.

Maybe I just need to get really high, fuck and play Tetris Attack until dawn.

I haven’t been writing much lately, life has been too chaotic. Home is crazy, work is crazy, all is crazy. Crazy and frustrating. Not all frustrating, but frustrating enough. My computer isn’t working right, I’m not done moving yet, I owe more money today than I ever have, I’m not doing the things I enjoy nearly as much as I want or need to be, blah blah blah.

(Also, there’s cat hair everywhere, and it’s making me lose my fucking mind.)

I’m waiting on tour news from Cyanotic, looks like I might be joining them for November thing supporting one of the coldwave greats. With that said, I’ve planned on at least three tours this year that didn’t happen, so I’m not holding my breath. I was hoping there would be some European dates that would let me work around Maschinenfest, but all the overseas dates seem to be exceptionally flakey.

I’m finishing up the Ad·ver·sary album now, so we’ll see what happens after I send it off to Stefan. If he still wants to publish it on Ant-Zen, that would be fantastic. Otherwise, I’ll send it off to Ad Noiseam (even though I doubt they’d be interested) and Hands, and/or just publish it myself. I should also start calling in the remixes promised to me relatively soon.

There’s so much tension under my skin, and I don’t know where it’s from, or where to channel it.

I’ve been realizing this week just how much I miss being involved in the front lines of computer security, in the way only a disaffected teenager with no social life can be. I’m still involved in security, but I’m not discovering exploits, I’m not participating in anything global, or working with anything dangerous. I’m not doing anything that hasn’t been done and documented a thousand times before by a thousand other people.

What I miss, I think, is being involved in something that matters.

Housewarming soon.

7.94 requests/sec – 101.6 kB/second – 12.8 kB/request

Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen!

Here is a complete accounting of all connections on the webserver that hosts strategis.ic.gc.ca, businessgateway.ic.gc.ca, commercecan.ic.gc.ca and other Industry Canada services.

Or perhaps you tire of looking at other people’s URLs (watch for ‘secret’ URLs, usernames/passwords passed via POST, and session data — don’t tell the privacy commissioner), and you’d like to view processes and statistics instead? Your government is here to help!

Bonus points: These webservers (and countless others in the Industry Canada IP Space) are infected with a trojan that allows anyone to connect to them and execute arbitrary code. Guess which one it is!

Edit: Looks like they took down the first one. Any bets on how long the others will last?