pew pew pew

You know what’s really fucking awesome? LASERS.

You know what’s even awesomer? NUCLEAR FUCKING FUSION.

Do you know what happens when you put the two of them together? MOTHERFUCKING LASER-BASED INTERNAL CONFINEMENT FUSION, that’s what!

That’s where you take 192 big fucking lasers and put them in a room like this:

NIF Target Chamber

…and then point them all at this:

Fusion Microcapsule

…and you make it so they all hit that little fucking ball at the EXACT SAME FUCKING TIME and heat the thing up to 100,000,000 ˚C.

THAT is what fucking happens.

The National Ignition Facility in California broke the one-megajoule barrier a few weeks ago, and appear to be well on the way to the first energy-positive fusion lab ever.

Godspeed, you crazy bastards.

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