I’m avoiding a ‘Topp’ related pun here. Be proud.

I just got a friendly call from Brian Topp’s campaign! I wasn’t expecting much, but it was a shitshow right from the start.

First the dude told me that Brian was the only “pan-canadian” candidate. When I asked him what pan-canadian meant, he said “um, I’m not sure…” — #scriptfail

I said I was concerned about Topp, because he doesn’t have any elected political experience. The dude then proceeded to tell me that Mulcair “wants to move the party to the right”. When I asked him why he thinks that, he said Mulcair “wants us to become right wing”. I asked him again what he was basing that on, and he put me on hold.

A minute or two later, someone else picked up the line to tell me about how Mulcair doesn’t support the NDP policies which will prevent rich bankers from being taxed less than their secretaries, and how terrible Mulcair’s environmental policies are compared to Topp’s.

I mentioned that I thought it didn’t go well when the Liberals elected someone to opposition leader who hadn’t had political electoral experience. They helpfully pointed out that Peggy Nash’s experience as an MP (“only 3 years, not even a full term”) didn’t give her the experience at the top of the party that Topp had! That (former NDP President) Nash “doesn’t have a lot of experience with party brass”, and how you don’t need to be particularly well-qualified to be an MP anyway.

After pointing out that Peggy had been party president (“You might be right about that, I’m blanking right now…”) I said I wasn’t interested in voting for someone who was running such a negative campaign against other candidates (“Well I’m just a volunteer, I don’t know everything…”), and they tried the jedi-mind-trick tactic of saying that Topp would never stoop to Harper’s level and run a negative campaign.

It would be comical if it wasn’t really, really important.

5 thoughts on “I’m avoiding a ‘Topp’ related pun here. Be proud.

  1. This is very similar to many other stories I’ve heard about Brian Topp campaign phone calls. This seems like part of their central campaign strategy since these phoners are always launching the same BS attacks on other candidates. It appears that they are telling their volunteers to lie about the other candidates and go negative. Seems like a weird strategy in a race in which 2nd choice votes will be key to success.

  2. What time did they call you at? I also got a call from Topp’s campaign today, wasn’t negative, but I am a Topp supporter, so they didn’t “need” to be.

  3. Wow! I got a call from the Brian Toppm campaign a few days a ago and the lady on the phone was incredibly knowledgeable! She was very helpful with some questions I had about Brians past experience in Saskatchewan and BC. I was very impressed with how much she knew! When I asked her about some other candidates, she only had the most postive things to say about them. My freinds have all had the same experience with the Topp campaign! Anyway, sufice to say I think the Topp camapaign is doing a bang up job!

  4. I might believe the nice posts about Topp if they didn’t come from “Anonymous” posters. Why afraid to support your candidate openly?

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