Certain Features of the Historical Development of Toronto

A post for my brothers, both literal and figurative, trying to stay safe in Toronto:

The anarchist concept of “direct action” has been corrupted- mostly by those who claim the anarchist label- beyond all recognition in recent years, especially in North America, and, of course, beyond all measure in the USA. […] The classic such act would have been IWW walkouts at a certain hour to enforce a certain working time. What does this mean ? It means that direct action is something that has an immediate effect, or at least the possibility of same. That it corrects an injustice or advances the interests of the oppressed not in some American psychobabble way but in a real material result.

Such actions are totally disconnected from how “militant” or “violent” such actions are. They may be “militant”. They may be violent”. In most cases, however, they are neither. The foundation of an “infoshop” for instance is “direct action”. Bombing a newspaper station because you think they ‘support capitalism” is not. The former actually accomplishes something and is a direct response to correct a problem. The latter is (an invariably juvenile) expression of personal frustration that accomplishes nothing.

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