Let me just hold those conventions for you, sir.


Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan will be ordered to attack opium traffickers and drug facilities when there is proof of direct links to the Taliban, CBC News has learned.

The new order follows a heated debate among NATO allies over whether the attacks could be declared war crimes.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay told CBC News soldiers would indeed target drug traffickers and drug production facilities.

First, using military force on civilian targets — even if you don’t like what they do for a living — is a war crime.

Second, our military is in fucking Afghanistan fighting DRUG DEALERS WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK ASDFKASODFKOAWEF

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  1. dear lord this is HUGE and HUGELY DISTURBING….WTFBBQ canada, seriously…where the hell did this come from?

    i guess the question is now, what the hell can we do about it?

    baby this isn’t good, isn’t good at all….can we get on our plans to just get the hell out already? i can’t stand to see this country go down such ill advised avenues of oppression….this is unbearable.


    oh an remember i said i’d leave this for you?

    it’s yours, now and always, just like you asked….

  2. What they are trying to do is draw a link between the “drug industry” and the Taliban, which would make it legit military targets. The argument would be that the drugs support the Taliban in the same way that a factory supports a regular military, and then its a legit military target.

  3. This kind of thing happened in the Americas, but it was a direct action in the War on Drugs, not as part of a fight against Columbian insurgents.

    This isn’t the same thing at all. What’s going to happen here is that infighting between Afghan drug cartels is going to be carried out by our military. If one side can make the other look like they’re supporting the Taliban, they will enjoy a NATO-sponsored monopoly over the drug trade.

    We should be buying the opium directly from the farmers and using it for pharmaceutical production to help combat the worldwide shortage on anesthetics, not making decisions on which drug dealers we’re going to kill.

  4. I definitely agree that we should be buying it straight from the farmers and using it for anesthetics.
    I remember Jello talking on one of his spoken word albums how, instead of fighting the War on Drugs in the Americas, it could be cheaper and more effective to buy drugs like (cocaine) directly and then destroy it.
    I had got the feeling that maybe the NATO militaries were realizing the War on Terror had failed and decided to try to save face by turning it into the War on Drugs v. 2.0.
    It makes no sense to my why the Canadian gov’t would be so naive to let our resources go to waste on fighting drug wars for whichever cartel can look the least Taliban-friendly. Though, I shouldn’t be surprised.

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