46 thoughts on “Riots in Reykjavik

  1. So sad to see such peaceful people poisoned by George Bush and America’s sickening sentimental capitalist oligarchy! Never ever trust an American again! Remember their motto, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time . . .” and the filthy bastards live by it! Capitalism is the modern day cancer of democracy as practiced by Americans! If they can’t steal your wealth by trickery, the shylocks will beat you over the head for your riches! Iraq is not an error of judgment by George Bush, It is a veiled threat to the modern world! The Euro is their biggest enemy now, so watch out! The criminal, deceitful American mind is about to sham the world and kick the Euro ass, that is, if China doesn’t starve the bastards out, McMansions, Corvettes, stock options and all!

    • Ok hold on not all americans are horrible our government is. I’m an american and i’m not happy on how we do things you think it’s bad in other countries try living in the one causing all the trouble. There giving us all bad name. You saying that is just like us say everyone in Iraq is a sand nigger terrorist ( witch I do not believe ). A lot of us are afraid of our government were being constantly monitored and people on american soil have been killed by our government. home land security just bought enough ammunition to last a 20 year long iraq war but all is being use on our soil. They say it’s for training but they don’t use hollow point bullets in training. All i’m saying is nothings going to change if you blame the people for the actions of three government.
      Im an proud American, doesn’t mean i’m proud of my government.

  2. Haha, Uncle B, you dumb, ignorant son-of-a-bitch.

    What you are so “elegantly” criticizing as Capitalism is definitely NOT Capitalism. In fact, I am willing to bet that you wouldn’t know Capitalism even if it struck out and bit you on the ass.

    The current economic system in the United States is Corporatism, a perverted form of Capitalism, but certainly NOT Capitalism.

    Stop being a fucking retard, and let’s think about alternatives to Capitalism/Democracy:
    1. Socialism/Communism: Would NOT work, especially not in America. No fully socialistic/communistic economic policy is possible for an entire nation in the modern world. Anyone who believes that such a system would be efficient is a fucking moron.
    2. Fascism/Totalitarianism: I think NOT. I would fight until my death to keep America from becoming a Totalitarian state, even though we are slowly heading that way. We’re almost at the point of a Police State.

  3. Uncle B, I don’t suppose that you can see that the very vitriol you are spewing about Americans is the same ridiculous crap some American politicians spew about other nationalities and political affiliations, do you? No one forced Icelandic fat cats to buy up toxic American financial products, they did it because they’re greedy capitalists, just like their American counterparts. Instead of damning all Americans as filthy bastards and evil capitalists, lets put the blame for this crisis where it belongs, not on generalized groups of people, some of whom (like me) have never owned a stock in their lives!

  4. I agree with little the US nanny government has done during my lifetime, but my outlook doesn’t make me a dangerous racist like “Uncle B” above. I think you should probably be detained by your own country to prevent future violence. You definitely have way too much freedom. I think a cavity search is in order on this one.

  5. the banks (world bank im looking at you!) , corporations, and rich elite are the real problems, these exist in all countries, we should be standing up to these things together not blaming each other for THEIR short-comings, we’re all in the same boat here regardless of nationality so everyone shut up and stop blaming each other!

  6. Heh thats funny i should stumbleupon this
    cause i was there. The ruling goverment party´s stepped down today thats what we wanted. thanks for posting this for the world to see.

    Peace from Iceland


  7. “So sad to see such peaceful people poisoned by George Bush and America’s sickening sentimental capitalist oligarchy!”

    Uncle B, are you a idiot troll or just an idiot?

  8. Uncle B, I think the responses to you have been enough. But, as an ignorant American, I’ve worked my ass off, living paycheck to paycheck, just as my family has to try and make a home for ourselves. Unfortunately not everyone in the system starts on even ground and unfortunately that makes life very difficult for some. But we suck it up and don’t point the finger.
    I love how everyone blames America for the things they’ve allowed their own government and leadership to do. This corruption is a plague on humanity and was not perpetrated by one person or one society.
    Just because I’m an American, does not mean I am your enemy or responsible for the misery in your life.
    Oh, and I also happen to be Jewish. So thank you for including ‘Shylocks’ in your racist ravings.

  9. you can’t hate on all americans. i didn’t ask to be born in this country. i didn’t choose bush to be president. i didn’t pass his ridiculous bills and start his pointless war. don’t blame the working class folk that have absolutely no say in anything that happens in this country. blame the fat cat corporate bastards that decide everything that happens in this country and the entire world, buddy.

  10. Uncle B. I’m an American… I have nothing to do with this at all. All I want is peace, and money isn’t even an objective of mine. Think twice before you condemn a whole group of people by the acts of a few…. Intolerance is an even bigger problem in this world than a failing economic system.

  11. That is called a robust democracy. The government should fear the people. the People should not fear the government.

    If we could only do that in the U.S., George Bush would have been removed from office in 2005, if not even earlier.

  12. To a certain extent, I agree with uncle B’s rage. But his statements are hateful, arrogant, and not factual. As an american, I can tell you for a fact that the fat cat politics and questionably obtained wealth is not something that most citizens see. My family and I lived paycheck to paycheck most of my life, and will continue to do so due to the cost of higher education here. We’re not laughing all the way home with yachts and crowns as Uncle seems to presume. Yes, George Bush fucked a lot of things up for people. but americans aren’t the only ones who allowed those things to happen. Our government doesn’t completly own the world, as much as it may seem that way.
    Climb down from your high horse and take a look around sometime.

  13. America is not a capitalist nation. No capitalist nation has ever existed. Think about the term free market. That means free of taxes, rules and laws. No free market has ever existed on any level, in any nation.
    So what people really mean is a system where trade is more free than other nations. America falls down in that regard as well. One way or another we intensely regulate markets.
    What we really are is called a mixed economy. We are part capitalist, part socialist and to some degree we are also facist in a rather sneaky, political sense.
    The current troubles are a result of a decline in Christian behavior in the western world.

  14. US is not meant to be a democracy anyway, it’s a republic, there’s a difference..Google it.
    US is not responsible for the world financial crisis, the greedy banks & stock exchanges are responsible, taking huge pay for producing nothing, whilst those that do produce get paid very little. It was a crash that had to happen. I would like to see it fall further and cut a swathe through the hordes of stockbrokers, lawyers & accountants that are creaming the system.
    The world is reaching several tipping points all at once and the lifestyle adjustments have to hit the rich/obese nations hardest. We have led privaleged & spoiled lives and have a hard dose of reality heading our way!
    I’m not from US BTW..oh and good pix, well done!

  15. Not all americans living in america believe in our current actions. I was raised a patriotic american boy – god and country in that order. I don’t believe in either now. I was not given a choice where I was born, and don’t really have a choice otherwise anyway. However I do believe in the ‘bill of rights’, the American constitution, freedom, democracy, etc… but these things are intended to be honest endeavors.

  16. It was always a dream of mine to move to Iceland. I always had the thought that it was an extremely responsible and progressive country with more concern for community than individual hording. When the crash happened, I was quite surprised with the repercussions in Iceland. I’m still going to visit Reykjavík for New Years next year.

    I’m sure the current deals with the EU will go well. If Iceland gets full membership they’ll be much better off. I only wish my country could join as well, but it is inevitable that the Americans are destined to exploit us until there is nothing left.

    – Conrad,

  17. Message to the police: STAND DOWN. Stop being used by the very state that is working against your people. Question authority. Question your orders.

  18. Uncle B took eloquent words and made them ugly.

    No one like riots, a downward spiral of an economy, or George Bush (esp. Americans.)

    Most of us live paycheck to paycheck, assuming that is we even have a job at this point.

    The media is really to blame for portraying us as party animals who love their name brands, fake body parts, and splurge after splurge.

    Uncle B is obviously from a sheltered hateful place, I really hope he sees the light soon before the hate envelopes his soul, making him even less likable than he already is.

    Peace be to every nation under the sun, regardless of governmental structure, population demographics, political leader, or economic position.

  19. Americans do not force greed and excess on the rest of the world,we make our own beds and now we must try to repair the damage without turning on each other.
    Bush is gone thank god and I’m sure the average American is relieved.
    The Bush era has made the world an angry place but rational people must try to prevail and reduce the anger and hate that has engulfed our world.
    Westeners are headed for financial ruin but this is nothing compared to the suffering the forgotten people in the 3rd world.
    Lend a helping hand to your neighbour when you can as many people will suffer during this period financial catastrophy. Never forget the horror of the 2 World wars ,lets not let it start again over money,next time you get a chance to vote make sure you lose the apathy and think about whats happening to our world.

  20. It really upsets me that this happened to such a peaceful country, but I have faith that new leadership in the U.S. can help fix the damaged caused by the financial crisis.

  21. To Conrad from Canada:
    America’s exploiting Canada? What about the tons of Canadian trash that is being dumped in our landfills? I’m not saying America is perfect, but come on, neither is anyone else.

  22. I wish our stupid government here in Greece could fall so easily too… You icelanders are lucky at that… Here, middle fingers and flour are not enough… No justice, no peace, fuck the police. Oh and cencorship too. Oh and all these americans who think they know better, go sleep with your guns under your pillows, they will save you, right…

  23. Thanks to the arrogant central bankers of the world, countries like Iceland fall.

    As an American, I am disgusted by the interventionist policies of our government ‘lo these last 100 years.

    Apologies for our stupid, evil, ignorant government and the elitists’ that are in charge due to naive, uninformed,dumbed-down American sheeple, who insist on electing rich assholes who don’t give a fuck about them! :) Have a nice Day!

  24. I don’t often post messages, but felt compelled by some of the things I’ve read on this blog. As a conservative American, I’d like to clear up a few things. We are not pleased that our troops are often sent overseas. They are our fathers, brothers, and sisters. It’s very unfortunate that we (Americans) are forced to maintain military bases all over the world. We have them in England, Germany, Italy, the Middle East, Japan, and South Korea to name a few. When an emergency happens (someone is invaded, earthquake, or other natural disaster) WE, the Americans, are there with the resources to aid people. As much as some people of Iceland, France, or any other nation would like to dismiss our actions, we are the first they call upon when a crisis occurs. When Kuwait was invaded by Iraq, The Kuwaities didn’t call Iceland for help.

    If you don’t like the way we handle these conflicts, I suggest you send you own troops into the fray.

    As for the economy, we have overspent ourselves and we know that. But at least we have nice cars and some of us still have our big houses to show for it. Most of you gave all your money to your socialist governments. Perhaps the rest of the world could give back all those billions in foreign aid we have provided over the last 75 years. That would help pay down the debt.

    A lot of Americans are not happy with the way we are being viewed by snobby Europeans. Perhaps the next time the Huns cross the Rhine or if Napoleon comes back to life, we will just sit here in our big homes with 2 car garages and let you fight your own battles.

    People come to America from all over the world, but very few ever leave. I think that says it all.

  25. Lucky I happened across this site. I didn’t know that Americans were a race. You live and learn. (Except if you are an ME Muslim, in which case you die very early from a surfeit of American style democracy)

    >>A lot of Americans are not happy with the way we are being viewed by snobby Europeans. Perhaps the next time the Huns cross the Rhine or if Napoleon comes back to life, we will just sit here in our big homes with 2 car garages and let you fight your own battles.

    I for one, would cheer if Napoleon came back to life, nasty old body-counter that he was. I don’t think he’d tolerate any American bullshit, unlike the present arselicking leader of the 5th Republic.

    And of course American cannon fodder will be used to promote the American corporate state around the world just as long as the population can be fooled into thinking that adulation to a flag is a substitute for a meaningful life.

  26. Interesting photos.

    Of course, America is the best country in the world… in my opinion. You can bitch about it all you wish, but in America you have the right to do so.

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