5 thoughts on “OH ITS ON

  1. I really didn’t like his speech…
    Well, for most part i rarely like his speeches/actions.

    While i hate the B.Q., refering to them as “people who wants to destroy canada” or something similar (i dont recall the exact phrasing) seems a bit over the top.

  2. w00t! I am highly entertained and at least vaguely hopeful about this rather interesting turn of events! I can’t imagine the whole thing not kerploading on itself, but it’s fun to see Harper giving birth to a fully grown political cow! What’s particularly interesting is that he’s saying it would be “undemocratic”… Let’s see, to replace his party with a coalition of parties that have more of the popular vote this his party had? To prevent the bankrupting of the political opposition? To allow the majority to defeat his government if they disagree with the direction they are going in? Sounds to me like the opposite of what Harper’s frothing about… sounds like it’s actually democracy trying to surface after so many years without it!

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