Substance 2006

Inspired by a pretty girl I know, I think I will post some actual content, although in a different vein:

– I’m working for people that I like, in an industry that I really enjoy, doing work that I love. And it’s not illegal, this time. As a particularly enjoyable side-effect of this, I make enough money to pay all the bills, and put money towards paying off both my and Leslie’s debts.
– I’ve written a lot of music, and a lot of it is music that I would happily listen to, if it was written by someone else. This is no guarantee that it’s good by any objective measure, but it’s what I want it to be.
– Without hyperbole, the leg injury I had several years ago has left a wake of devastation that reaches to all areas of my life. I am just now coming to terms with how far-reaching and varied the effects of it are.
– I desperately need a good laptop.
– I may also desperately need a good drink.
– I’ve watched my closest friends and dearest family prove in thought and in deed that they simply do not care about the things they claim to; not in any way that produces any measurable or meaningful effect on their actions.
– I’ve made the decision to not compromise my standards for family and friends. I will hold them to the same standards that I would expect and hope my family and friends hold me to, regardless of how difficult or painful that is.
– As with every year that passes, I’ve learned that the more I learn, the more I know that I know nothing.


From Wikipedia:

Buyer’s remorse is an emotional condition whereby a person feels remorse or regret after the purchase of an item. It is frequently associated with the purchase of high value items such as property, cars, the Sony PSP etc.



Farewell, sweet Christiania.

Since 1971, the squatter colony of Christiania has billed itself as a place of peace, love, and happiness, where all property was owned and administered collectively.

A new government plan, however, proposes to build as many as 400 resident-owned properties in the enclave, reported national daily Politiken on Monday. Residents fear that the move will destroy Christiania’s special nature.

For the government, the plan is an effort to integrate Christiania, a green area bordering the city’s former protective canal, into the rest of an increasingly crowded Copenhagen.

After coming to power in 2001, the government has taken an increasingly harder line on Christiania and its estimated 850 residents, closing its open-air hash market, Pusher Street, in 2004, and threatening to bulldoze the colony entirely.

The new construction could add as many as 400 new residents to Christiania’s population.

In addition, current residents of Christiania will be forced to become members of a public housing organisation, and will likely have to begin paying a normal rent on their properties. Currently, adult residents pay DKK 250 per month to live in Christiania. The new rent would be between DKK 2500 and 4600 for a 50 sq. m apartment.

Is there anything that money doesn’t ruin?

This world makes me so very, deeply sad.

This is life

If you:

- Like music
- Like music that doesn’t suck
- Like hip-hop
- Like hip-hop that isn’t all thugged out
- Like me
- Like me and people related to me

Then I strongly recommend you pick up a copy of my sister‘s CD:

…for you see, she is awesome. And explicit. Also, she wears hoodies:

I, Jairus, also wear hoodies:

You see the resemblance, I am certain. Also, her music is driven by the wearing of a fantastic hat:

As is mine:

I trust you have been sufficiently convinced.


Because my journal has been noticably absent of content recently, and also because I have to be at work in two hours and cannot sleep, I give you the GIFT OF GOOGLE VIDEO:

Astrology and Other Dark-Sided Things. I actually felt bad for her for the first twenty seconds or so. Then I felt bad for her family.

Take a look overhead. Hey, man!

Obscured, by Dir en Grey. This just goes to show, however weird some Americans try to be, it ain’t no thing to the Japanese.

I think I know who shot 2Pac.

And the best for last: ROLLING THUNDER SPECIAL!