+ Audra and I are working on a redesign for an awesome company!
- We can’t say who it is just yet.
- I still have not been working very much on my own projects.
+ I have however successfully navigated a maze of twisty little passages to make sure a ton of different business/financial/legal/boring things are in order.
- My little cat friend Mothra is pretty sick, and we don’t know how much better she’s going to get.
- Winter is on the way.
- I’m so stressed about Mothra. And she hates all the meds and treatments I’m giving her, so she’s acting totally differently towards me. I don’t even know what to do with myself.
- Sigh.
+ I signed up for an online Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing class!
- I have been so busy that I haven’t actually been able to keep up with it at all.
± I’ve been thinking about running a tabletop campaign, but I don’t know if I have the time to do it up proper.
+ I was a panelist on a Kink in Pop Culture panel at Playground Conference, talking about kink culture and imagery in music!
+ I’ve been making a big effort to hang out with new cool peeps so that I don’t just hibernate all winter.
± Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m having a hangout or a date? Either is awesome! But sometimes I think I should pass a note across the table that says IS THIS A DATE PLEASE CIRCLE ONE [Y/N] THANK YOU

4 thoughts on “Woednesday

  1. I have, in fact, been known to ask the person with whom I’m inconclusively spending time “Ummm … are we on a date, do you think?” Also “So, are we flirting? … with intent?”

    So much becomes clear!

  2. First; I super like this check in around flirting …. with intent!
    Second; I always think it’s worth checking in on when I want to it be anything beyond a hang out *and* I think that there is a slim possibility they might be into it being a date-like-scenario too. Life is too short to waste time figuring out if I can have hang outs with benefits.

    And by “too short” I mean “too busy”

  3. I just went through four months of caring for an elderly cat in very bad health and I know how hard it is. I felt like an asshole every time I had to give him a pill. My sympathies about Mothra.

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