-28c and sucking.

I’ve been inside my house for three weeks straight now, having made it outside only three times. My knee shows no signs of spontaneous recovery, although I hold out hope.

I’ve began working on a remix of an Iszoloscope track for an album to be released in the near future, but I’m not very happy with my work. I took a heavy noise/gabber track, sped it up, and tried to turn it into what is essentially hard techno. Instead, I think all I’ve done is make 7 minutes of dull, uninspired trance.

To be fair, I’ve only been working on the track for two days, I’ve only been working with these music-creation tools for two days, and this is the first time I’ve tried to make music in any serious capacity since I was sixteen (when I was quite prolific within the tracker scene), but I find it incredibly discouraging nonetheless.

I have three weeks until the remixes need to be submitted to Ant-Zen, and I may or may not continue work to try to have something by that time.

Most of my hair is in a garbage bag in the washroom. I’ve shaved a good portion of it, leaving a wide strip of blue hair along the top of my head.

Rarely have I been so immediately happy with a change in hair style/cut/colour, but I’m really pleased with the way it looks. With that said, I have not discounted the possibility that being indoors for a month has caused me to lose all sense of style.

I hope to have added a piercing or two before I go outside again, and perspective returns.

In other news, I’m very happy with Restraint‘s recent facelift, even if most of the non-journal material isn’t currently available. Having a new look does wonders to motivate me to keep writing.

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  1. haha i said march but it is mostly likely april (since i need to work to get the bling bling to get there…)

    so april, most likely. I miss you guys! argh!

  2. Jairus:
    In 1997 at summer cammp I had a major leg injury to my left leg, the worst damage being done to my knee, and I had to spend two weeks on my living room couch with my grandmother dragging me twice a day across the floor on garbage bags to my bathroom and then dragging me back.
    I had surgery that fall to remove 4 bone pieces that had chipped off. (they were about the size of dimes)
    Then I had major reconstructive surgery in December 1999 which involved 5 days in the hospital not moving (ew, bedpans!) and failing classes because stupid Lisgar has no elevator.
    I’ve had years of physio and Tylenol 3’s and morphine and demerol shots and leg braces and crutches and wheelchairs and permanent nerve damage and 3 major reinjuries…

    The point being that knees are a bitch to heal, and I feel your pain.

    When you are ready, here are some ways to look on the bright side:
    -“What sex positions can I still do now?”
    -“Do I need surgery? How cool will my scar be?”
    -“Are there any recreational aspects to the drugs I have to take anyway? Can I at least write really tripped-out Jim Morrison-style songs?”
    -“What have I always wanted to have prepared for me to eat? Beacause now is the time to ask for ‘get well’ gifts…”

    Keep your chin-up, at least as high as you can from a sitting position.

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