9 thoughts on “New, Improved, Crippled LJ!

  1. This brings up an interesting point. Less frequent, but longer posts. If this is going to improve the service (these are the words that are the campaign slogans, after all), then there should be fewer bitchings along the lines of “Why do I keep losing my post?”

    It’s like e-mail. Quoting entire messages and adding “yeah.” or the inevitable “me too.”

  2. comments don’t count as posts.

    The problem this is going to generate will be more EDITED Posts. If you’re at your limit and want to post again, you’ll just edit a previous post – which means that your readers might not see your changes because they think they already saw that post.

    grrr… I hate it when free services change. This could kill LJ as we know it.

  3. hey Jai! I just wanted to say hello. I stumbled upon your journal. reading week is comming up, so let me know if you’re spinning the first week of March.

  4. Hey hey… nothing to do with limits… to do with ReJUVE

    What is your email address? What is DJ Leslie’s email address?

    Talk with you soon!



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