George Romero has been working to get money for his next Zombie film, ‘Dead Reckoning’ (AKA Twilight of the Dead) forever. Literally, forever. Anchor Bay were supposed to be working on getting the money for it together, but Romero has been pretty vocal about their lack of effort. It seems, however, that an 11th-hour deal might have come through, allowing Romero to make a full-on NC-17 gorefest with an 8-figure budget.

But Jairus, you say, this stinks of bullshit! Who would put up so much money for a zombie movie?

To the skeptics: DeadReckoningMovie.com.

This is gonna be good.

(In other news, Roger Avary is doing a commentary track for the next Day of the Dead DVD release, and William Gibson got a weblog!)

6 thoughts on “84

  1. I have the script for Dead Reckoning…..

    Sadly, it is questionable…..

    Shit, rather, I HAD the script, it went with breaky, my old computer when his HD crash…..at least I think it did……

  2. It’s about a Truck Jai…………………..

    A truck named Dead Rekoning…..

    I was hoping for the original treatment, but the world and social situation have changed and so has Romero.

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