i can has police robot?


also i forgot my lunch at home

OTTAWA, Nov. 13 (Reuters) – Police are investigating a suspicious package found outside the Bank of Canada headquarters in Ottawa on Thursday, bank spokesman Jeremy Harrison said.

Harrison said the central bank had been notified by police of the package, left outside the bank’s center building, which houses the office of Governor Mark Carney. Staff in the immediate area have been evacuated, he said.

“We are awaiting further information from the relevant authorities, and will provide updates to you as we receive them,” Harrison said.

The bank announced plans on Wednesday to inject an additional C$8 billion ($6.5 billion) into the Canadian financial system to unlock credit flows, on top of the roughly C$20 billion it has already pledged.

Other important buildings nearby include the Supreme Court of Canada and the Parliament Buildings.

Update: Now with ROBOTS!

4 thoughts on “i can has police robot?

  1. It’s funny, this is the second person on my friend’s list involved with a false alert…

    “a couple days ago:
    [h64_] so i paid my 30 parking ticket today
    [h64_] in pennies
    [h64_] in socks
    [h64_] wrapped in duct tape
    [h64_] and i guess after i just dropped it off and left they called the bomb squad
    [h64_] and theyve been calling around looking for me
    [h64_] lol oops

    and then:

  2. weird to be on the other side of the walls and guns and robots huh? we’re just usually the threat not the threatened ;) guess you can’t run out to grab lunch huh?

  3. Yeah, we got an email this afternoon about how to deal with suspicious packages.

    Apparently we’re to put it down on the desk and back away and go wash our hands with warm water and soap.

    I’m not even kidding.

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