on the road to delphi

I can feel autumn wrapping around the city like a blanket, whispering about the winter to come.

I’m hoping to use this time now to get things done before the snow settles on the city. I know that once winter is here, I’m going to have a much harder time with everything, and I’m trying to turn that awareness into motivation: Finish building restraint. Finish producing Mike’s album. Gut and rebuild my bedroom. Get the Ad·ver·sary remix boxset done. Make more personal space.

I used to have limitless drive for these things, but I can’t sustain it anymore. I don’t think it’s age that’s weighing me down (although in frankness, I am terrified of turning 30 next spring), nevertheless it feels like something has crawled into my skin and hidden that energy from me.

Or, more likely, something about the way that I’m thinking and the things that I’m doing is feeding back.

By speaking this aloud I may very well be invoking it (or so Thelema would caution me), but I’m privately and extraordinarily concerned about attendance to next Tuesday’s show. The last month has been the quietest month at Zaphods that I can recall (on par with the doomed Mono No Aware show years ago), and if what is traditionally the biggest night of the year ends up being a dead show, not only will it be financially crippling but also a tremendous kick in the balls.

Next year would be the 15th annual Industrial Strength Halloween (would’ve been this year if Eugene hadn’t preempted last year’s party), and the idea was to go balls-to-the-wall all out for it, but if Tuesday has a weak showing then we may have to reexamine our expectations.

…with that said, if next Tuesday doesn’t have the attendance we’re looking for, it’s not the end of the world. We have a ton of new promo material on the way, we (finally) have management that supports us and has a free hand to help, we’re trying to rent a bus to ferry people to industrial night from Kanata after the NIN show in three weeks, and there’s more in the pipe. So even if, hypothetically, everyone who had ever been out on a Tuesday vanished tomorrow, we’re not dead in the water or anything along those lines

But it would be really fucking disappointing.

Maybe I need a pilgrimage.

15 thoughts on “on the road to delphi

  1. Maybe I need a pilgrimage.

    Have you considered… New Orleans?

    I’ll be there tomorrow. I’m sure you have your own places to pilgrim to.

    I have a present for you!

  2. Items in our lives are always interconnected, thoughts and feelings on the lack of attendance could be overflowing into your drive to do stuff, you kinda said that yourself though. Turning 30 isn’t horrible, everything gets better,that’s at least what I’ve found out. I’ve had more fun in the last 4yrs then in the last 10. and the bus idea is pretty cool.

  3. 30 sucked. 35 sucks more. haha. i am bitter, yes?

    you are hard to arrange things with.

    i don’t think tuesday night is possible since i am down to the smallest amount of coin til next month.

  4. dude, turning 30 was the best fucking thing that happened to me :) don’t sweat it. it’s the best combination of still being able to be a kid, but also of having a head on your shoulders and the ability to get your shit together. rock it, don’t knock it!

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