2002 in review (it rhymes!)

Got involved as a consultant in the Canadian Copyright Reform process.

Got fucked by roommates, lost my house (with a few thousand dollars in lease-breaking fees to go along with it), my job, and my (then) girlfriend in the span of a week.

Decided to move to Kitchener/Waterloo. Decided not to.

Moved to Ottawa. Met, fell for, and moved in with Leslie.

Turned 23. Best birthday in memory.

Found an angry duck in a public fountain. Named him Honkey.

Got a job. Signed a lease for a new place. Moved in with Leslie and the coolest roommate I’ve ever had.

Got back into DJing and Promotion, putting serious effort and hours into ‘the scene’, such as it is.

Had Krispy Kreme. Twice.

Got a tattoo at the first event Leslie and I both worked on. Bought and built a bigass 5-part 2-wall bookcase.

Hit Daniel Myer with a snowball.

Figured out where I want to be. Made the decision to do whatever it takes to get there.

11 thoughts on “2002 in review (it rhymes!)

  1. Now that, that is a big question.

    I would need a manifesto to answer that properly, I think. I may try to summarize at a later date. :)

  2. for some strange reason i really liked reading your review

    (yes, 2002 and review rhyme)

    i think because of the way it is laid out and worded

    i didn’t know you were dating leslie.

  3. Thank you. :)

    Leslie and I have been together for eight months now, and we’re both very happy… Being in a relationship with someone who is just as passionate as I am about music is excellent, working together on shows and such. Not to mention, she’s really wicked.

    Was 2002 good to you?

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