Trapped behind the gate at Frankfurt airport. Flight is late, screaming children are everywhere. We were told to arrive three hours early, security took away my iced tea and there is literally nothing to drink here (and no way to get anything to drink), and I’ve forgotten all three of my books in my checked luggage.

This is going to be a terrible flight.

Only an hour left until we board!

…and then only eleven more hours until we land!

…and then five more hours in a car to get home!

If maschinenfest weren’t so awesome I would be pretty pissed off.

5 thoughts on “augh

  1. and now they’re doing MORE construction so it’s ALL fucked up, if that’s possible…worst airport i’ve EVER been in, although i’ve never been to the Paris one.


  2. Oh if you think frankfurt is bad then DO NOT GO TO PARIS AIRPORT

    I want to kill myself every time, no more lay overs no matter how much cheaper the ticket is when I book

  3. shittiest airport EVER, but we survived…albeit barely :)

    21 hours from the time we left the hotel to the time we pulled in to our driveway…LONGEST. TRAVEL. TIME. EVER. jeebus….

    also, who knew children could scream for 11 HOURS STRAIGHT?! for the love of Bob….

    but pizza has been had and sleep is near…imma go snuggle you and all will be well…

    love, love.

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