6 thoughts on “Bruxells

  1. glad you loved it as much as i did and i’m happy i got to show you the bits of the city i know….it’s just so overwhelmingly beautiful; we’d need months to see it all properly…


  2. i think i’ve convinced him to retire there with me :) although we still have to live in Amsterdam first so we can set up the 24 hour arts/music/performance cafe we’ve been planning for a few years from now…oh yes, there is a master plan!

  3. isn’t it? have you been Mishelle? if not i cannot stress just how GORGEOUS this city is, how wonderful the people have been to me every time i’ve been there, and the effects of the incredibly history has on the culture; there isn’t that cut-throat, get there faster, quicker, cheaper mentality; there is instead a liberation that comes with knowing that everything has been done before, that the only way to stand out is to do what you do uniquely the way you do it, and to succeed you needn’t do it at someone else’s expense, instead you are encouraged to take your time, do things RIGHT, not cut corners [since there is no race to get someone first since everything has been done before] and adding your own flavour to what you do is the only way to impress anyone with anything you do…it’s SO different than so much of North American [esp. American] goals and attitudes….i want to retire here, after i do Amsterdam properly for a number of years first, of course :)

    PS HOW ARE YOU MADAME?! love from both of us :)

  4. I haven’t been, but would LOVE to go. I need to travel way more. *sigh*

    I’m doing great!! Totally in the rat race of Toronto but loving every minute of it. How are you guys! I want ESD poutine!!

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