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From the Belarusian site Machinist, and translated by the helpful robots at Google:

Jairus Khan about ten years led an active life in the Canadian di-dzheyskuyu/promouterskuyu underground techno-industrial stage, but three years ago, decided to form their own musical project AD VER SARY. The most meticulous and informed of you probably have heard his remixes of the tracks on the CONVERTER and ISZOLOSCOPE.

In May 2008, a musician in the court ruled his public debut album “Bone Music”, which contains a powerful, energetic and melodic cocktail of power rhythmic noise, Industrial, an organic landscape ambience, idm-electronics and tribalnyh ancient rhythms. As you can see, nameshano lot, but the result sounds very harmonious and fresh. What’s immediately striking when listening to the album is a very good balance between the rigid, harsh, aggressive and beautiful, including imagination, causing emotion sounds.

Many of AD VER SARY based on attacking rhythms perfectly adapted to the club environment and able to strike and disperse the noise-industrial human biomass on tancpole to very high speeds and orgazmicheskih sensations. For example, a turbojet accelerators can choose to drive such downhole, technique execution and not deprived of intelligent charm of tracks like “Ancients”, “Bone Music” or “Number Nine”.

It is a pleasure to listen to music groups and dance outside the site. Because it such a multi-layered, deep and diverse. Moderate eksperimentalizm it is also not alien. Rapid and robust, well unwind devastating tribalno techno-industrial songs, alternate militants on the album with a calm, measured and atmospheric rooms, which tend to be powerful, painted mrachnovatye mysterious tone of the industrial trip-Hopu ( “Friends Of Father”), gratsioznym Forms of hard-techno ( “Just [Spooks]”) or pleasure to shake tribalnyh rhythmic waves of steel dark ambient ( “International Dark Skies”). The album also includes remixes good ANTIGEN SHIFT, TONIKOM and SYNAPSCAPE, as well as a remix AD VER SARY on track URUSAI.

Finally, add that you can download a free peer-album, including the complete design, the official site AD VER SARY on the Internet. And, believe me, it is worth it! Album: “Bone Music” really good and I suspect must come to taste fans of groups such as THIS MORN’OMINA, EXOCET, REMAIN SILENT and ISZOLOSCOPE. [8 points]

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