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Tales of Vesperia is the most visually stunning video game I have ever seen, and is easily the best RPG I’ve played since FF7. Maybe since FF5.

All of this video is in-game. That is what the combat actually looks like.

The battles are real-time, the skill system is a perfect combination of the job system and the materia system, and I’m over 20 hours in and I just got off the first continent.

This game is to the 360 what FF7 was to the PS. It’s worth buying the console for.

…but don’t take my word for it, ask Famitsu (who gave it 9-9-9-8), or ask Japan (where 360s are now sold out at every major retailer in the country).

12 thoughts on “Gamer Public Service Announcement

  1. I would love to!

    Whenever works for you probably works for me. I’m working 11-7 tomorrow and Friday (probably if at all…….long story or not really…)

  2. Looks good… I have far too many other 360 games to play through before I even think of grabbing something new.

    And I don’t care what people say about FF7, I freakin’ love it and still think it’s one of the best.

    I need to figure out if there’s auto target in Mass Effect since my targeting skills suck on the 360. Too used to playing FPS games on the PC.

  3. thank you sir,
    I have ordered 2 copies into my store…
    and one is already sold before arriving.
    (by my staffmember, when he saw the trailer)
    He says it reminds him of one he played when he was 10.
    Is this a sequel in a series, or a re-visit of an older game done in the same style? Or is he thinking of something completely different perhaps
    Looks friggin sweet!

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