I’ve been coasting a lot lately. Waiting for work to be over, killing time until it’s time to sleep, counting the days until it’s the weekend… I’m not even doing anything interesting with this — I’m not spending my time reading great books or listening to great music, mostly I’m caught in the Livejournal Circle of Death, which involves me clicking listlessly on a dozen bookmarks (of which LJ is the first) over and over and over again, even if there’s nothing new.

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon circling your kitchen, opening and closing your fridge and cupboards even though the food hasn’t changed at all, you should know what I mean.

On the upside, it’s better than playing WoW.

The skin on several parts of my face appears to be falling off. This is troubling.

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  1. the other day, one of my toenails amputated itself, revealing a completely healthy, new nail underneath.

    i dunno, man.
    maybe we’re aliens.

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