Notes from thee basement.

HydroOttawa has fucked up, claiming that my power usage went up by an order of magnitude one month, and now I have a completely insane and impossible $3,300 hydro bill. They then proceeded to blackmail me into a payment plan by threatening to cut off my power within 24 hours, while saying it would take 48+ hours to get a supervisor to call me back to discuss the issue. They have since replaced my meter and refuse to discuss the issue with me until they’re done ‘investigating’. They have yet to tell me what they’re investigating. I may sue. Rogers has fucked up in a similar fashion that I don’t even want to get into, and now I have a completely insane $1,200 bill.

(In related news, I don’t think I’m going to Maschinenfest.)

Saw some guy wearing a totenkopf death head t-shirt when I was out for lunch with coworkers. Do people still think this is cool? I mean, it’s not as stupid as wearing an SS uniform to a nightclub or anything, but still.

Might be going on a US tour with Cyanotic/Acumen/Acucrack in November. Not 100% yet. This will, coincidentally, be the second time I will be in tour with Cyanotic in the US and Nine Inch Nails comes to play Ottawa.

Need to get on that fucking backpiece tattoo I already put down money for.

21 thoughts on “Notes from thee basement.

  1. I got a bill like this once. It turned out that what happened was that the meter had those rolling dials like an old odometer, and it had recently rolled over to zero, and the 0 on the first digit was a little higher up than it should have been, so the reader had read it as 9478 instead of 0478. So they billed me for 9,000 hours of electricity in one month. Thankfully they figured that would be impossible and came out and re-read the meter.

  2. HOLY FUCK!! Now I am worried about MY hydro bill.. I haven’t gotten one in a long ass time. Seriously tho, how the fuck would you even run the bill up that high unless you had everything you could possibly think of, on in your house 24 hours a day. And Rogers? I thought that was a set rate, unless you’re running a warez site without your own knowledge.

    I think someone is stealing your hydro, either that or you have something plugged in wrong because that’s just rediculous, it’s the middle of summer for christ’s sake.

    ….or you have a meth lab in your basement for realz this time. lol

  3. One day I will get the playstation controller button symbols tattooed around my body on pressure points and erogenous zones.


  4. WAT

    $3300 for fucking hydro is preposterous, but i’m just stating the obvious here… i generally think people tend to sue too much, but fuck it, in this case it’s warranted… i’m totally dumbfounded, and i’m sorry you got that in the fucking mail. jesus. >:(

  5. I can’t believe they replaced your meter before the issue was resolved, and I wish somehow you could have had the foresight to document said meter.

  6. fucknuts dude, time to start a non-profit society to run a Wireless ISP in Ottawa, and get some goddamn solar panels for your house…
    it would be cheaper to build your own infrastructure at those costs.

    Jeebus! The bandits know no bounds do they?
    Where do these fuckin corporations get off?
    They don’t even let you talk to human beings to resolve issues anymore, just robots.
    I ‘m all for smaller companies… and co-ops where possible.

    Go it alone, tell them fark themselves gently with rusty blades.

  7. d’oh forgot to login and made some communist ramblings about free wifi and solar panels… but it’s there as an anon post. it was me. Cheers,
    and hey, a backspace tattoo would be cool… so is your home row knuckle idea.

    Peace bro. Cheers

  8. offtopic:

    I accidentally blocked and then lost your follow request on twitter.

    not that I post anything there right now, but I’m considering determining if it isn’t retarded.

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