you got your earth in my wounds! you got your wounds in my earth!

My new favourite Bone Music review came out on Wounds of the Earth today. I wish most reviewers were half as critical (or as detailed) as this one.

“Bone Music” is a really weird album. It took me quite a few listens to fully wrap my head around what is contained herein. There are two main faces to the music. One is a highly organic and ancient – almost primordial – sound. The melodic and textural aspects of the album take on this sound. The other sound is more industrial…it is that of a dilapidated factory spewing out pollution and shrapnel. This sound is found in the rhythmic aspect of the album.

Somehow the juxtaposition of these two very dissimilar sounds is melded here with astonishing results. […] I can’t say that this album sounds much like anything else on the planet and I think that the Ad-ver-sary sound is truly unique.

6 thoughts on “you got your earth in my wounds! you got your wounds in my earth!

  1. Wow.

    C2 was the first time I ever went to a big goth/industrial club, and it had a big impact on me.

    It’s really weird to hear that. Good weird, but still weird.

  2. dude knew you. Sounds like he’d gotten you to do a show somewhere (goldfish memory + alcohol = I don’t remember where). He was selling a bunch of CDs, stromkern, BPI, cyanotic, you.

  3. I remember that I was 16 because the goth clubs accepted my fake ID, and the piercing shop didn’t, but after the piercer realized I was actually 16, he did it anyway. :)

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