11 thoughts on “Antigen Shift + Ad·ver·sary + Synkro – Legion (Live)

  1. All I need to do is find where I missed putting a chapter mark and then do the menu and it will be ready to be encoded. I hope it will be all done by Sunday morning.

  2. He’s good, but he is also recently enlisted to the Canadian Army, so he’s going to be disappeared for a few more years, at least.

  3. I’m sad I missed it as well! If I’d known about this show, I would have come out! Did you mention it in your journal and I missed it? Also, if you DON’T mention these things in your journal, where DO you mention them, so I can keep informed? I only ever hear about you and Leslie’s shows when you guys do the “last night was awesome! The band that Kristen will not see in Ottawa again for a terribly long time was wicked, the crowd rocked, the vibe was amazing!” post after the fact. I know Tuesday night is a given but I would bribe people to take my shifts at work for something special.

  4. Well from the look of the videos, it was awesome! It’s been years since I saw Nick on stage and I have yet to actually see do his Ad.Ver.Sary thing. I’m seriously missing out. :-( I’m acutely aware. But hopefully the community will help!

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