Wanted: One singer to join Rock Band.

Must enjoy pizza, alcohol, and innuendo (more like in her end-o, am i rite?). Guitar skills welcome, but not necessary.

Weekly practice is between 7 PM Friday night and 5 AM Saturday morning. Perks include private jet and groupies.

Bonus points for helping to find my lost shaker of salt. (salt! salt!)

Discretion guaranteed, Inquire within!

12 thoughts on “Wanted: One singer to join Rock Band.

  1. I’m in. This is the only song to my credit on the internet. Drunk at the programmer & mic with my friend Derek in 2005 New Years Eve. So I can’t guarantee quality, but I can guarantee that we will laugh our balls off until we can’t breathe. And isn’t that the point?

  2. Hmm I can not sing or play guitar, but I can be your personal assistant.

    Hmm I am still in Toronto but I shall start the search for the missing salt shaker.

  3. I want to sing with you guys! I’ve never played Rock Band. Of course, I’d prolly get all embarrassed and then mumble into the mic.

    Maybe next weekend?

  4. Now… if I was living in Ottawa or environs…

    Do I get to fly the jet too or just lounge semi-comatose in the cabin?

  5. i’m in.
    or, i would be if i still lived in the province. i can wail both mic AND axe.
    have your people call my people.

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