31 thoughts on “Photoshop Phun

  1. the first one is excellent.

    parliament is off, but it’s because the library and the peace tower have edges of unfocus…

    the third one doesn’t work because of the lights

    by the fourth one, my brain knew what it was looking at.

  2. Yeah, I spent a lot of time trying to get everything to work in the parliament one, but I just couldn’t get the focus right. I looked for an aerial photo with a wider field of view, but…

  3. yeah, definitely better. Because of the photo though, some of the things are too tiny to be in a model.

    With the first parliament one, can you try to keep the peace tower in focus (cut the out of focus so that what’s behind the tower is blurred, but the tower itself is in) and move the lower focus line to before the library?

  4. Tilt Shift stuff is lots of fun…it, and HDR photos are some of the cooler things you can do with digital photography fairly easily compared to film photography.


  5. When sent to an anonymous person who lives in Hull, they swore up and down that the first one is a model and not an aerial photo.

  6. Yup. Make a quick mask using a a cylinder gradient (touching it up for things that stick out, like building tops), then lens blur the selection.

  7. These are cool.

    I’ve been to the Burj Al Arab. Stood on the beach next to it and shot some film for a documentary. We never went in, though, because they charge an entrance fee.


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