I’ve got five 2 invites for BrightKite, if anyone is interested in trying it out. It’s like Twitter, but geographically minded and not down all the time.

Why should I use Brightkite?

If you’re like us, you’re tired of the rise of social networks that take away from your real life. Sure, it’s great to have a gazillion friends on MySpace, but really, how many of them have you actually met? Brightkite connects people based on the places they visit in the real world. With Brightkite you can see where your friends are, what they’re up to, see what’s going on around you, and meet real-world friends.

How does Brightkite work?

The basic idea is simple. When you’re out and about in the real world, you tell Brightkite where you are by checking in at places (you can do this on your phone). Brightkite can then tell you who else is there, who’s been there, what’s happened there, who is nearby etc. Additionally you can post notes and photos at places that others nearby will see.

Everything you do in Brightkite is accessible on the website. You can choose who gets to see your stuff by adjusting your privacy settings, but by default everybody can (after all, the idea is to meet people).

13 thoughts on “Tweet

  1. This sounds pretty cool. I haven’t bothered with Twitter and was taking a poke at it. But is BrightKite better?

    And if you do have invites left, I’d like one please. robotika at gmail .com.

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