8 thoughts on “75

  1. i sometimes catch faint wisps of it, but i have learned to block it out and turn my mind to other things. Denial is a beautiful thing.

  2. kinda sux when yer literally grabbed by a bad memory and you have no choice but to sit thru til the memory has played itself out like a broken tape player you can’t stop once somebody hits play until the song is over . happens ALL the time

  3. sometimes the memory of old unpleasant experiences appears out of nowhere, and I catch myself making a face and letting out a nervous laugh or some other sound (uncontrollable defence mechanism).

    When they all flood me at the same time, I feel like getting some soap and a rope (to wash myself and then go mountain climbing, of course :P)

  4. *sigh*…certain songs do it…even just catching the last refrain of one particular song is enough to feed the demon memory.

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