ReGen Jumps The Shark

ReGen Magazine is hosting an artist Spotlight on Ad·ver·sary, with interview:

Jairus Khan has spent the better part of the last decade developing his craft in the Canadian techno/industrial underground as a DJ and promoter. Making music under his Ad·ver·sary moniker, Khan has had the distinction of remixing and performing alongside such acts as Terrorfakt, Antigen Shift, Convertor, Cyanotic, and Iszoloscope, all the while composing his own original songs. Assembling a demo in late 2005, titled International Dark Skies, Khan began shopping for labels, all the while continuing to hone his skills, before finally landing on burgeoning experimental industrial label Tympanik Audio. Released under a Creative Commons license, the debut Ad·ver·sary album, Bone Music is an intriguing collection of tracks that combine caustic industrial beats with lush ambient beauty, running the fine line across varying genres of experimental electronic music.

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