10 thoughts on “oi oi oi

  1. :(

    you know, we should just plan a trip to TO when neither of us have to DJ/play live etc. so we can both visit…like, going to a different city and NOT working or DJing or playing a show or….it’s….a very strange…and new idea, but i think we’d be willing to risk it ;P

  2. For some reason, I thought the show was in Ottawa. Though, i haven’t been paying much attention to the outside world lately, and now i’m kicking myself for it, because i’ve wanted to see you guys for awhile now =(

    excuse me while i curl up in the corner and weep like a behbeh.

  3. oh it was! tuesday was our show here, but since Jairus is a member of Cyanotic, he is playing with them [they’re playing with 16v on a chunk of dates] on the Canadian dates…so you’re not wrong :)

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