Life in the South Side

I love my home. It’s great. Huge, full of crazy shit and secret passages, a wet bar, a pool. I’m renting a killer house in a neighbourhood that would otherwise be way, way beyond my pay grade. We were lucky enough to get a great deal when we moved in last year, and our rent is dirt cheap. Much cheaper than it was at our old place, in fact. But, as I say, the neighbourhood is completely insane. Million-dollar homes everywhere.

Lysandra and I took a walk around the block today, and I happened to have my camera with me. Feast your eyes upon the excesses of my neighbours!



Seems a bit dodgey


Mini Cooperr

1947 Mercury

(I didn’t bother taking photos of the lesser luxury brands, like Lexus or Audi.)

23 thoughts on “Life in the South Side

  1. No, same house. I don’t think we gave you guys the grand tour last time, you’ll have to come by for a BBQ or something this spring.

  2. ok it just seemed that your original entry made it sound like you had moved or something… or i’m just on crack :P

  3. Hit albums? ’47 Mercs next door?

    I guess I’m too ghetto to talk to you anymore ;).

    (p.s. I like the way they bent the plate on the front of the mini to make it look European… heh)

  4. shut yo mouth!

    heh – i love and grew up with minis and spent a little time helping out my dad restore a 67 cooper s when i was older, so i’m biased (and prob a little obsessed as i still haven’t found a way to own one of my own.)

    it’s not typical luxury, but this little blue number is in great shape for a classic mini and i’d take this baby over an audi or lexus any day…

  5. please take no offense to this, as i have just woken up:
    i read “way beyond my pay grade” as “way beyond my gay pride”.
    you need to have some bitchin’ pool parties before you leave that place.

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