Martin Atkins interview excerpt regarding Skinny Puppy, circa 1995

[Dwayne and cEvin] were unable, through jealousy, to allow Ogre to shine. So in Skinny Puppy, the dynamic was to suppress Ogre, and his opinion and just like the worst, worst, _worst_ dysfunctional family, there was also a support system, in which Ogre’s belief in himself and his opinion was constantly invalidated to the point where I think Skinny Puppy is dangerous for Ogre as a human being.

You have a very strong point of view.

You spend a day with those guys and you see it. When you see what I’ve seen…

What about Dwayne and Cevin’s relationship?

It’s sad. I think Dwayne is a very talented individual who, because Cevin taught him some things four years ago, and because Cevin believes Skinny Puppy is _his_ band, Dwayne will never be anything more than Cevin’s assistant.

It’s pretty twisted to see it in action. I feel very lucky to NOT be a part of a situation like that where …you know, the closest I can explain it to you – if you’ve seen Amadeus – the relationship between Mozart and Salieri.

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  1. you see THAT is why Martin put out Rx…Martin told me that it was his way of letting Nivel shine…he said he was only a drummer (bah! Martin ONLY a drummer!!) so that Nivel could be in complete creative control…Nivek told me that this was an amazing opportunity to actually let go and do what he wanted, and that it was so intimidating….because he was only a vocalist (bah! Nivek ONLY a vocalist!!) and had to find new ways to work with his instrument; his voice… IMO Rx was incredibly helpful to Nivek because it allowed him the freedom to strike out on his own, without control, and do it very very well IMO…and it was a springboard for him to make more music on his own; giving him that confidence…that’s what i mean when i say no matter what people say about Martin, he is driven by such passion, such dedication to the MUSIC…that is why i think we get along so well and why i will always admire him no matter what kind of industrial politics go down…

  2. it’s really excellent…you can hear Nivek’s fledging solo work…you can hear his voice, his newfound independence…and the drumming is fantastic….IMO it has about 5 really excellent tracks…more than most albums…

  3. cool, i should check it out. :)

    emm, i read also in another thread, you wrote ‘before martin died’ – which martin was that?

  4. different Martin…Martin Myers, not very well known musician worked with all the Vancouver guys in music…he worked on a few projects…friend of mine died a year and a bit ago…

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