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1: An interview with Side-Line:

SL. The music on your site is released under a Creative Commons license. Any particular reason?

A. I download a lot of music. A lot. I’ll go through gigs and gigs of it, and buy the albums I like – and it really frustrates me when I open the cd and there’s some snarky message in the liner notes saying “thank you for not downloading this like those other scumbags”. Well, I did download it, and that’s why I bought it.

2: A review from ChainDLK:

Bone Music offers a very well thought out and developed blend of instrumental industrial, EBM, ambient, and noise. The key to this album is Khan’s ability to blend organic soundscapes and harsh industrialized rhythms and noise in a way that strikes a balance between what many would consider to be two mutually exclusive musical forms. Indeed, throughout the album, neither approach dominates the other. Some of the stand out cuts from Bone Music include the album’s lead off track “Ancients” which utilizes very simple samples and effects that gradually build up into a very powerful and driving industrial tour de force that is harsh and mechanical while maintaining a sense of musicality, and “Waiting for Gira” which features a very ominous militaristic beat that is backed by subtle soundscapes and a very evocative guitar part that is interestingly reminiscent of U2. For those of you who like harder hitting noise driven pieces “No Exit” and “Number Nine” are aggressive and cacophonous workouts straight from the factory. Overall, Bone Music is a great album that provides a glimmer of hope that industrial music is not dead.

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  1. Niiice. =]
    Commented the SL.

    Really enjoyed ‘Ancients’ on the Approach Lights comp.
    I’ll have to hit up the CP distro and pull a copy of Bone Music…

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