28 thoughts on “huzzah

  1. no :-(

    someone from my old project is going to your place of employment. not sure the project, she’s tech writer.

  2. she hasn’t started yet. Blonde, ‘Elayne’. When you’re introduced, tell her that I’ve told you all about her… that should make her panic

  3. weee! i hope i get mine soon! ie. i hope Tympanik sends me one! (pretty sure they will, i think i’m on their promo list)

  4. babes, my gmail isn’t working from work all of a sudden for no good reason, so before i forget, check out this group on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/19662182@N00/

    the mod contacted me and i thought it had some really interesting stuff, especially given the medium…


    PS break a leg tonight in Chicago! give Martin & the Cyanotic boys my love :)

  5. Is your album posting only for private consumption, or is it public? If private, can I include a track in my MP3 blog on facebook?

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