Excerpt from a Nivek Ogre interview, circa 1996, regarding the death of Dwane Rudolph Goettel.

But you weren’t at the funeral, were you?


But cEvin was, wasn’t he?

Yeah. cEvin was. I talked to Rave and had a plane ticket booked – I scammed a plane ticket, saying it was a family member – so I had a plane ticket, so then I talked to Rave and said, “Are you going?” and he goes, “Why?” And that kind of answered all of my inside questions.

I was prepared to let a lot of it lie, and I still am letting it lie, but I know in my heart and I know in my head, because of what information I was given by Dwayne’s sister, of certain letters that were about to be sent to certain people, right before he accidentally overdosed. The contents of those letters paints an entirely different picture than I was even aware of. And so be it. I can’t speak for cEvin, and I certainly don’t want to speak out against cEvin, because cEvin’s got a lot of stuff to deal with… but his friendship with Dwayne wasn’t what he makes it out to be and what he’s projected, from the very beginning of this whole fiasco, in a lot of ways.

Just the idea of a person who is dead and who can’t speak for themself, is one of the issues I’ve had to deal with with Dwayne’s sister, because they don’t really want Dwayne’s material coming out on Subconscious. They want all of Dwayne’s data back, and cEvin’s not willing to give it back to them.

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  1. This interview (“will pain remain the game? – interview with Ogre, 1996”) and a good number of others (including one with the late DRG) can be found here.

  2. i was SO surprised because Nivek said he would never…maybe cEvin has made up for it, i dunno…since Martin died i don’t really keep in touch with that circle, but Martin was closely involved with them on a social platform, even more than music…and the last time i spoke to Nivek is when the Remix Dystemper album came out…

  3. I’d like to see the video of the Doomsday ‘reunion’ show in Germany. I think the dynamic between the two of them on stage would be pretty telling. They’re both pretty naked, I think, as far as performers go.

  4. an aquaintance of mine who attended doomsday said it was violently intense between them on stage, like lovers who hate each other, feeding off their common bonds [good or bad], but loosened somewhat up after a bit, but would instantly return on songs that were taken from last rights and the process….

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