If I want to see you, all I have to do…

Last night, I dreamt that I was surrounded by old friends, close friends. We had pulled an art heist, a big one, and despite how perfectly orchestrated and executed it was, the police were closing in on us. They didn’t have proof, but they knew it was us, and they weren’t going to stop until we were caught. All I could see was everything I owned, everything I’d worked for, gone; replaced by a set of handcuffs.

I wonder what that means?

12 thoughts on “If I want to see you, all I have to do…

  1. Last night I dreamt I was on a mission to find Benkei’s armor and that Uwe Boll had the last piece I needed. For some reason I needed it to perform seppuku. I had a kaishaunin picked out but I don’t remember who it was. o_O.

  2. Have you been feeling imprisoned somewhat lately?

    I had a dream once that involved The Who, Surfing and a discussion of the Canadian Dollar.

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