Three years later, Bone Music is finally done. 13 tracks, just under 77 minutes.

Waiting For Gira
Friends of Father
Bone Music
International Dark Skies
No Exit
Number Nine
Friends of Father (Tonikom Remix)
Bone Music (Antigen Shift Remix)
Number Nine (Synapscape Remix)

Bonus Track: Urusai - Learned Helplessness (Destroy and Contaminate Mix by Ad·ver·sary)

Yann came into town for the weekend so that we could mix it down and get the master ready, and he worked some kind of audio voodoo — it sounds so much better than the old International Dark Skies demo. I have to finish some final level adjustments to the mastering, and then the album is ready to press — I’ve decided to mix the album to an average RMS level of about -14 dBFS, rather than the much louder -8 to -5 dBFS that’s currently standard for most electronic albums. (For reference, My Bloody Valentine averages at about -17 dBFS, Cyanotic at -9dBFS , and DJ? Acucrack at -6dBFS.) This means that you’ll probably have to turn up the volume when you listen to it, but it’ll sound much better for it.

The art will be done in the next few days, and then everything gets sent to the CD replication house early next week, in time to release at the Kinetik festival in May. There’s also a remix EP coming in the fall (which I’m very excited about), with Cyanotic, Imminent, Stendeck, Asche, Iszoloscope, Synkro, JF Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop, Phylr), Mo (Zykotik K9), Totakeke, Shane (Fiveways) and more.

When Bone Music is released I’ll be making the tracks and artwork available for download on my site– payment optional — and I’ll post here with details on how to buy or download the album. I’ve redesigned the Ad·ver·sary website in preparation, and I’ve put together a new look-and-feel for the Tympanik site, which I’ll be handing over to them next week sometime. Then to design some new merch: stickers, buttons, and maybe hoodies, hats, or new shirts. (Any preferences?)

And maybe, if things work out, a tour in the fall.

20 thoughts on “AVS

  1. Awesome, with a bit of extra awesomesauce on top.

    Preference is a really oversized hoodie. Because I’m not a small man.

  2. Neat. I’m looking forward to hearing it. Well done.

    Maybe you can answer me a question: whats with bonus tracks? Why not just tack it on the end of the album (or heck, anywhere in-between) like a normal track? My assumption is that most bonus tracks are A. jokes, B. short, or C. low-quality B-side material that the artist really wanted to include anyway.

    Of course with the new penchant for companies to give different bonus tracks to different sales outlets (Wallmart, Starbucks, HMV etc) its beginning to feel like ’90s comics and the huge variety of covers. To complete the collection you need to buy the same damn thing three times.

  3. Why not just tack it on the end of the album (or heck, anywhere in-between) like a normal track?

    I can’t speak for other artists, but in this case, it’s because the Urusai track isn’t part of my album. It’s part of Gregg’s album, and I’m distributing it with his permission, as an addition to the 12 Adversary tracks.

  4. That makes sense at least. I guess I’m just annoyed with certain groups and things I’ve picked up (or avoided because of). The Pumpkins were the last one I recall well.

  5. While true, when DJing the front logo is more visible. Hell, half the photos out there of me have me in my POSER hoodie. And if I get one, I’ll definitely be wearing it when I DJ.

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