39 thoughts on “Coming in May, on Tympanik Audio

  1. is it just going to be the CD art, or will it have a place in other merch?

    (i’m assuming this is the cd art? uh oh. what’s industrial music again?)

  2. love love love the ravens and layout.

    I would put it on a solid grey though (or use a complex background,) the photoshop flare takes away from the brilliance of the ravens+tree imo.

  3. re: picture – love it. excellent composition & colors & everything. striking is exactly the word for it.


  4. …I just tried it with a solid background, and it looks really good, but I still prefer the one above. I do appreciate the suggestion!

  5. yeah in fact it made the design IMO when you sent me all the mock-ups…that brighter corner, like sun in winter, weak but still bleeding light, really pulled the whole design together and made this cover stand out from all the others you showed me…as you know i love love love it :)

    also, it’s about damn time…and congrats, i suppose :P


  6. holy *%$#*@ is that ever an amazing cover!!! (not that i judge records by their covers, haha, but….)

    really. awesome. holy poo. (does this mean you be trippin out to t dot sometime in the spring/summer?)

  7. as an aside, I did a lot of equipment research and will probably end up with your setup. (UC-33e + Padkontrol) i.e. exactly what you recommended getting from the get-go when I first started looking.


  8. That’d be rad. I want to come and exchange records as well. Are they with you? I have the Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center one for Shane, and wanted to get the Neil Hamburger.

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