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  1. Some people are already claiming conspiracy, Home Depot has been trying to buy that lot for a long time, they wouldn’t sell, and now suddenly a fire. Now I don’t know too much about this said conspiracy so I can’t vouch, however I”m a sucker for good conspiracy story, and this one sounds red hot to me. *pun intended*

  2. Bullshit because it’s a “historical district” and legally couldn’t be renovated. Even with them burnt down, whatever replaces it has to “fit” the neighbourhood.

    Besides, Home Depot is already building a place a few blocks away.

  3. suspect video; pizza place; sample sale store; antiques store; etc…so ridiculous. if ANY part of queen west burns, it’s painful. :(

    apparently no one was able to get insurance in the building, too (residents OR businesses), as it was too old. so now everyone who lived above those stores = screwed.

  4. hmm. interesting to know, as someone else was suggesting that very same conspiracy today….and it’s always good to know that home depot isn’t able to plonk itself down as a result of unfortunate happenings.

  5. Hey I never said I believed it. I don’t even know the details, I was simply repeating what someone else on my friends list who lives like a block from where it happened posted the morning of the fire. Me, I have no clue about the politics of it.

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