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  1. hrm
    you are right – there’s no way somebody could synthasize the exact same intro like that

    if you still have the masters you could show it to them as proof and threaten copy right infringement but it might do you no good.

    my band has copyrighted our music under the creativecommons license
    (might help in the future?)

  2. I could, but I won’t be any better off at the end of the day if I do that.

    Honestly, I think I’m just done trying to get anything released through labels or trying to play festivals or get on compilations or anything. I’ll just save up money and release the albums myself to the people who are interested in hearing it, and be a purely in-studio act.

  3. yeah my band is very anti-label
    even the indie ones try and operate like the big leagues and screw bands over

    we did decide to sign up for jamendo, which is an online community that gives users a chance to buy if they want to
    i think they are mostly in europe but the userbase is pretty broad in what they like!

  4. where these samples from the same synth or sample cd? meaning, were the sounds used in the intro all from a particular synth, or all from a particular CD?

    are you sure this song in particular wasnt created before the demo was handed to this person? if the CD just came out its very possible the track was created beforehand, no?

    I also don’t hear the snapping in your intro in the other song’s intro. It sounds like its the same texture/atmosphere loop, but no crackle…that’s a pretty nasty snap to pull out of the loops successfully.

    If we’re talking about the use of two texture/atmosphere loops here then I think it could be very possible its a coincidence, though when you get into the range of 3 or more it becomes questionable…

    The other track does have an additional synth playing in there with some tempo-less percussive samples and other tribal elements which help differentiate…

    I think i know that one synth melody as also being in a very early Noisex 1920 album- the whole loop is a great warm step up with two notes…sounds like that loop or a cut of that loop. (i also have and have used this loop)
    Which brings up another point: that whole album was created with like.. two sample CDs which i have. they are great samples, but sometimes you just want to use the samples in a similar way-dark warm textures always feel great as intro’s for instance, or as breaks to lead up to the latter half of the song.

    just trying to weigh all the options here. =]

  5. arg i thought i had in there that i don’t disagree that the two textural sounds are the same sample.
    (i AM after all watching project runway at the same time…)

  6. don’t mistake inexperience for premeditated screwing… there are a ton of “small” labels run by people who want to do good, but don’t always know what they’re doing.

    How about that Tympanik label that just released Freeze Etch, have you talked to them? they have a bunch of new good releases coming up but i know they just came about so i cant speak for how thorough they are.

  7. Honestly, I have no idea when they wrote their album. My track is from 2005. The crackling in mine I made from vinyl.

    As I said, it’s possible we both had the exact same ideas.. But an 8 min track that starts with the same 3 samples in the same order, builds with nothing but tribal percussion, and adds the only synth for the last minute or two?

    It’s not just the fact it has the same intro — the structure is pretty much identical.

    Anyway, there’s nothing I can do now. Theirs is out and will be in the hands of every DJ soon, so I’m fucked proper.

  8. No, I’ve only talked to the usual suspects: Ant-Zen/Hymen, Hive, Hands, Fich-Art, etc… the only thing I know from Tympanik is that 2CD comp they did, I’ve never heard of them otherwise.

    Honestly, I just don’t have the emotional energy to keep sending my demo out and writing intro letters and digging up the reviews it got after it was put up on some russian MP3 site last year or whatever. Tympanik might be great, and there might be 100 other labels that I don’t know that might be great, but I don’t have the time or fortitude to email MP3s and send out CDs for another 2 years.

  9. psssh please don’t worry about it, just put “(2005)” after the track when its released if you want. I dont think that EVERYONE will think you ripped anyone off. They are two different songs, similar, but not exactly the same. The one track uses a much more tribal inspiration with wet, round beats, while yours references more bright higher breaks, almost Frontline Implode-era/Fluke style, and a guitar layer in at the end…. they feel very different in what they create in mood and atmosphere to me. honestly. i see a jungle, kinda like in that movie Apocalypto, with the other, and yours is like flying down out of space into bright, birdlike flutters, mixed into the touring of an everchanging landscape-something like flying low over a land and then flying up and away into space. ( i always see lands/worlds/atmospheres when i hear vocal-less music, its Ghey sounding with a capital G, but its true.)

    Some people will surely like your track better, and vice versa.
    not every DJ will spin that track, and even if they do, they will most likely cue it AFTER that long, beatless intro, or blend the intro into the other track so you may not even hear it most of the time.

    your not fucked proper, an assgrab and maybe some fondling, but not fucked proper. =)

  10. i clicked your links in other tabs, immediately forgot, and then was startled and confused as to what that noise was :-)

    it’s still hard to tell…. without being sure how much of that sample you built up, it could go either way.

    but it is without a doubt – weird

  11. I’m sorry Jairus. That really is one of your best songs…

    I can’t believe that it was done on purpose though, it could have been one of those brain farts that people sometimes get, where they think the song that just popped into their heads was their own doing… eh, I dunno.

    Either way, I hope you don’t give up on music entirely. Don’t let it get you down (too much). You’re far too good!

    I have to say though, if it was me, I’d probably take a loooong break from making music.

    Hm. I’m not sure about your connections, but have you thought about trying to break into the computer game soundtracking business? It’s probably difficult, but that would be an entirely different way of getting your music out.
    I do know a couple of people who work in the Danish gaming industry. One of them was lead programmer on the pc game Gangland. Not sure what they’re doing now, but I could ask around if you’re interested. Not sure how far I’ll get with it, but I’d say it’s worth a shot.

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