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  1. that looks like a plane in the middle , seriously , between the 2 and sort of behind both towers . umm was that on purpose or am Ijust hallucinating . perhaps these are actually plane proof cages to put the new buildings inside of ??

  2. just leave it alone already….jeezus. they were ugly then they are ugly now…what a way to taint a ontherwise kinda nice skyline…aside from the death and horror and the whole disaster thing, they did the world an architectual favour by getting rid of them…enough with the “my phallus is bigger and shiner than your phallus” bullshit in architecture….

  3. true, they were mad ugly from the outside. and i agree with the architectural phallus envy.
    but when you have your high school prom at the top of tower 1 three months before 9/11… it has a certain indefinable beauty.
    they should use one of the other ideas, like the park one.

  4. maybe it’s to symbolize the original WTO, reduced to cinders by *gasp!* a plane!
    *double gasp* two planes!
    so where’s the second???

  5. following close behind they have to get budget approval for another building though so they can put the 2nd plane on it pointing towards the WTC

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