My life still sucks

Dear Diary,

So one of my favourite artists (that I met at Maschinenfest and gave my demo to) just released a new album. This album is on one of my favourite labels (one of the labels that was supposed to release my album, in fact), and is a fairly high-profile release.

This would usually be a good thing. Unfortunately, the first 45 seconds or so of one of the tracks on this album are exactly the same as the first 45 seconds of one of my songs (my best song, in fact).

I emailed the act and the label, and according to the people who wrote the album, we just happened to sample the same sounds from the same place and arrange them in the same order. An “unhappy coincidence”, as one of them put it.

I dug up the extremely-early-and-rough version of my song to see exactly where each of the sounds came from (this song in particular is a collage built almost entirely out of samples), and it would seem that it’s theoretically possible that they went through the same creative process as I did in selecting/assembling the sounds.

Honestly, at this point I don’t even care if they ripped it off on purpose, if it was cosmic synchronicity at work, or if they heard the track and then subconsciously rebuilt it. The most frustrating thing about this is that there’s no way I can release it now. Everyone knows I’m a fan of the artists involved, and everyone knows I listen to everything the label releases. If I put out the track on an album tomorrow, everyone who buys it will think that I’m ripping them off.

I’m so tired of music bullshit already, and I don’t even have a fucking album out.

17 thoughts on “My life still sucks

  1. you guys assemble stuff entirely from samples, so you just sample each other? what’s the problem? i think you can still put it out.
    i know i wouldn’t mind a 45 second overlap between 2 cds, and this just makes a little cute backstory debate.

  2. Honestly, the problem isn’t sampling, the problem is perception. If I pick up a debut album from Lord Darkspook and one of the tracks has the same first minute as a track from a Skinny Puppy album I bought the year before, I’m gonna think that the guy’s a hack (at best) — not that they both must’ve used the same original sound sources.

  3. Sucky… ;-( I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel, especially since the song is one you consider your best.

    All I can really say is… there will be other songs. If it purely is an unfortunate coincidence, then use this to push yourself to create something better to feel proud of.

    Then again, as other people have stated… maybe 45 seconds isn’t such a big deal. Many songs sound similiar to me from many different artists.

  4. Unfortunately I’m with Twiin on this one. 45 seconds is enough that as a first-time artist, he’s fucked. As a DJ I would laugh and move along unless something else on the album REALLY grabbed my attention. Regardless, it would colour the perceptions of a sizeable percentage of the audience.

  5. Hugs. Sorry to say this: no more sharing… stuff that you will be putting on the cd. No disregard for creative process, but you first.

  6. That is complete bullshit and I can only imagine the chills you felt when you heard the track.

    I guess keeping tracks to yourself would be the best course of action. Keep it to yourself or only let a few friends hear it in person. To not let the samples leak out and keep your works closely guarded.

  7. I’m not terribly interested in stirring shit up, which is why I didn’t name the artist in question.

    There are no good solutions, sadly.

  8. If they are stealing from you, how many others are they stealing from?

    But a good way to look at it is that if they have to steal from you, that means you are a *BETTER ARTIST* than they are!


  9. find a way to release your stuff in a timely manner?

    yes, of course, easy for me to say. seriously though. get it heard, get it on myspace, do pay per download hi bitrate downloadable file, however you do it, just get it out.

    i hope the situation makes you angry enough to a better track to trump them/yourself. :D

    … and then release it in a timely manner.

    good luck sir.

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