Is your favourite TV sport the High Jump?

Went in for my first session with the psychologist today, spending the whole time running through those behavioural psychology tests everyone’s done a hundred times. (Are you easily distracted from tasks? Do you have more trouble sleeping lately? Do you feel like someone is putting thoughts in your head?)

A lot of these were more interesting than I expected, and they ended up in a nice chart mapping out which parts of my brain are presumed to have more activity, based on some magic set of rules I didn’t see. The results seemed to make sense, which is encouraging.

With that said, it was troubling to answer some of the questions, because the honest answer (and the answer I’ve been living for two years or so) is so far removed from what I’ve answered every other time I’ve done these tests over the years, and equally removed from my own perception of who Jairus is. Jairus isn’t someone who prefers avoiding crowds, or gets upset easily. Jairus doesn’t stay up at night worrying about things he can’t control.

…or at least, Jairus didn’t, for most of his life. This just brings into focus how far away I am from who I used to be, and who I want to be.

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  1. can i talk to you?
    i went to this psychiatrist last week who says that i need all this money for a “full psychological work-up” or something, and he was really recommending i do that. he said there’s a 900-question thing that i answer and there’s a lie scale built in.
    is that what you’re talking about here? or something else.
    i’m really confused and i can’t decide if i want to do it or not.

  2. There were about 400-500 questions on this, and there was no reference made to any lie scale or anything like that. This also didn’t cost anything above and beyond the session fee.

    However, I’m seeing a psychologist, not a psychiatrist. I’ve never paid any money to any psychiatrist I’ve ever seen, it’s always been covered by OHIP. (This psychologist I’m paying out of pocket.)

  3. yeah, the psychiatrist was covered by OHIP, but he was talking about sending me somewhere for this, so i’d assume they would be charging me. i’ve been to psychologists, but wouldn’t pay one now, which is why i went to this psychiatrist.

    i think he only said the thing about the lie scale because i asked him.

  4. They say all our cells go through a 7-year cycle. That is to say that the old cells are replaced by the new cells at least once every seven years, depending on the cell. This means that we are not the same people we were 7 years ago, both mentally and physically. I’d like to think that this evolution allows us to progress and become better versions of ourselves. The old Jairus is still there, in the DNA and in the recipe that makes him. But as with a cookie recipe, the small variations change the end product.

    Sorry for the comparison to something as simple as a cookie, but sometimes we must remember that it is the simple things about us that are at the core of our goodness.

  5. I hate having to answer truthfully about how crappy I actually am in things like that. But then again, sometimes it’s healthy to admit that “no, I don’t have telekinetic powers and can’t travel through time.” and also, that there isn’t a space ship coming to take me away to a better planet where the ocean is made of beer and everyone works only one day a week.

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