peace through superior somatosensory cortices

I’m not happy. I haven’t been happy for quite some time. This should not come as any surprise to long-term readers of this space.

In my ongoing quest for emotional peace, I will be starting a type of therapy known as neurotherapy (or alternatively, neuro-biofeedback). The basic idea is simple: To allow for conscious control of brainwave activity, to maximize, minimize, or normalize alpha/theta/beta waves as is appropriate.

This is done by monitoring EEG patterns in realtime with a computer (and a clinical psychologist), and interacting with the computer through a game (or a puzzle, or a task) so that when the desired brainwave changes happen, you get closer to winning the game (or solving the puzzle). Through operant conditioning, the more I play, the more time I spend at these states, and the easier it is to maintain these states when I’m not playing.

In short, the goal is to hack my brain so that I’m able to think and feel the way I want to think and feel.

I’m going to be keeping a log of the sessions, cognitive changes I notice, and my emotional state in general. This will also include a not-insignificant amount of personal information, memories of teenaged depression, why Effexor is the devil, and so on.

I don’t want to dump this on people who’re expecting old cartoons, dorky humor, and pictures of my cat. So, if you’d like to be on the filter for this, let me know. All comments are screened.

Otherwise, we will soon return to our regularly scheduled programming.

19 thoughts on “peace through superior somatosensory cortices

  1. Oooo awesome, I love this stuff.

    I went in with some friends many many years ago and we bought an old EEG machine for fun. Let us know how it goes, and good luck!

  2. i would love to be on this filter… also, you have to come over to play rockband, or we have to come over and play rockband… :)

  3. That sounds interesting, the method you are going to try.. I really hope it works for you.

    And I’d like to be on the filter, of course.

  4. i love you, i always have…

    it is impossibly frustrating that i can’t make you happy enough to negate all the bad you’re going through…i know that this is impossible, simplistic and downright silly, but nevertheless i can’t help wishing that our happiness, the joy we are able to make for ourselves, between ourselves, could erase all the bad.


  5. i would like to be on this filter plzkthx.

    oddly enough, i’m doing a similar thing myself, but without the computers.

    and effexor is, indeed, the devil.


  6. I knew you’d want to be on it, so I actually already put you on it.

    I hope things go well with your similar thing, we should compare notes. — i’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

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