9 thoughts on “breakfast

  1. I saw a great coffeetable book (series of coffeetable books, actually) at Chapters. It was full-page colour reproductions of old ads, with a book covering every decade. So, a book full of ads from the 20s, a book full of ads from the 30s….

    I plan to pick them up, eventually. They were incredible, both from a design point of view, and an “oh-my-god-are-they-really-doing-that-to-that-black-kid” kind of view.

  2. This reminds me of this 1920’s cartoon I saw awhile back. They had these sheep dressed in black face and all the farm animals were singing Old McDonald had a Farm. They were showing all the animals, but when they got to Old McDonald had a pig, they just showed a side of bacon. Man I wish I had a copy of that cartoon, those black face sheep were foine

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