All Apologies

I was wrong about Game Of The Year, dear reader. So wrong.

It’s not Mass Effect, even though it’s the first game that’s ever made me miss Star Control 2.
It’s not Portal, even though GLaDOS is the best villain since Sephiroth.
…and it’s not Bioshock, even though it has the perhaps the best boss fight (Ryan, not the other one) in the history of RPGs.

It is not any of those brilliant, beautiful games which have brought me countless hours of enjoyment this year.

It’s Rock Band.

20 thoughts on “All Apologies

  1. I have Super Mario Galaxy, and it would be the next game on the list if I kept going. It’s the first worthy Mario since Mario 64, and it’s the best Wii game out there, but it’s not half as good as Portal (which is a PC game as far as I’m concerned).

  2. Oh, yeah, baby. I gotta say, the concert your band held last night ROCKED! WOOoOOOOOOoOOOOO!


    *head bangs*

    *waves lighter*

  3. I’m still working through Bioshock, but it definitely appeals to me more than Portal did. Don’t get me wrong, Portal was fucking fantastic, but didn’t leave as much an impression on me. I also beat it in an afternoon. I must be taking record time to beat Bioshock. I just met Ryan, and I must have been playing for around 14 hours now.

  4. let’s do it… but we have to come up with a cool, bad-ass band name… like “tit juice”, or “the sloppy bucket”…
    seriously, you have to come over and play soon, bandmate…

  5. Just let me know when you’re free! We can do the career mode, if you haven’t already done it all.


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