6 thoughts on “revolting against what’s revolting

  1. yeah, IRRC all over Denmark they’ve been forced to close down something around 35 franchises… which is a lot considering the whole of Denmark is about the size of a pancake lol
    there was around 150 mcdonalds in all of denmark, i think.
    so yeah, it’s pretty fucking cool, they’re losing a LOT of money because people don’t wanna buy their shit anymore.

  2. where I live, the hippies with blonde dreadlocks
    outnumber the rednecks in pickup trucks 2 to 1.
    So every time the possibility of having a McDick’s
    move in to our organic naturopathic town, there
    are riots in the streets! (ok, peaceful riots,
    but riots nonetheless!) All we got for fast-food
    in the boonies is A&W and Subway. I haven’t had a
    big mac in over 2 years… ! But they taste like
    poison anyway, so I don’t miss `em at all.
    I feel just gross when I eat from the M,
    it’s not even real meat, it’s 100% G-M foodstuffs.
    (with addictive designer drugs in the grease)

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