Thank you, everyone who came out on Tuesday. I always manage to work myself into a big freaky stressball before playing Zaphods, but I was totally blown away by how many people came out to support the show. Even though there were technical problems, everyone was still on the dancefloor and cheering 10 minutes later after we got everything working again. And 15 minutes after that when we got it working again, again.

A megathanks to Nick, for asking Synkro and I to join him on stage for his final performance in a very long, long time. I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun.

I think I’ve managed to come down with a throat infection since the show. I’ve taken today and yesterday away from work, and I’m cancelling my tattoo appointment for today. If this keeps getting worse before it gets better, I’ll have to postpone Deck[ard] The Halls. Right now I’m in that cough/sinus medication limbo where you’re not sure if you’re exhausted or not, and you’re not sure how much pain you’re in, and anything more complex than making toast is an absurd impossibility.

Time for some toast.

5 thoughts on “AVS

  1. It was awesome fun. And I’m still fully intending to drag my ass out to your place on the 22nd.

    Speaking of which, email me – jake (at) dreadgazebo (dot) com with directions and address, I haven’t been to the new place yet.

  2. I had such a good time on Tuesday! So much fun. I only wish my knee and back weren’t sore so I could dance more. Just a great time with great music. Thank you.

  3. sorry i was unable to make it out. i haven’t been keeping up on things here nor on facebook. so now i’m trying again.

    glad to hear that it went better than you expected. *hugs bro* and boo urns to feeling like crap. please keep us updated.

    i was going to bake cookies to bring on saturday, but if there’s a postponement then i’ll have to put the cookies into suspended animation.

    if you have the time, please poke me on ICQ tomorrow or something. tell me what’s what… would LOVE to see everyone, but if not saturday then perhaps er… well SOON. :)

    take care for now and lots of love from moi to you and everyone else there.

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