My homeboy Dion grows a pair

…and finds his election issue: Ideology.

Dion is making clear that poverty and the Charter are at the centre of the national debate he wants to provoke.

“The fight against poverty will be at the heart of the Liberal agenda,” said Dion, who recently unveiled his plan to cut overall poverty rates by 30 per cent and the child-poverty rate by 50 per cent within five years of Liberals regaining power.

The Liberal leader portrayed Charter rights as under assault by the Harper government, not just at home, but in the face Canada is now showing to the world.

He rattled off a list of examples, including the Conservative government’s refusal to seek clemency for a Canadian facing the death penalty in Montana; the refusal to endorse a United Nations declaration on aboriginal rights; questions over whether Canada is respecting conventions on prisoners and torture in Afghanistan; and cancellation of the Court Challenges program, cuts to programs and the removal of the word “equality” from the Status of Women’s mandate.

“Canada needs more than ever the party of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the party of (former prime minister) Pierre Elliott Trudeau,” Dion said.

8 thoughts on “My homeboy Dion grows a pair

  1. Harper has made it perfectly clear what his vision for Canada is. I don’t give a shit about the fear of a hidden agenda — his actual agenda is a problem.

    If Dion manages to frame the debate properly, I can’t see how the Canadian public would choose Harper.

  2. My worry is that Dion will come across as awkward or obtuse. He is a smart, smart man but doesn’t usually come across that way in 30s sound bites.

  3. I can easily see how the public could choose Harper.


    I hope Dion will be able to beat those four things.
    Regardless, he’s got balls as those are hard goals in the current climate.

  4. The problem is actually getting the Canadian public to buy into Dion, not what he is saying, but him. I don’t know if it is him or his handlers, but they seem to make the biggest mistakes and miss opportunities.

    I hope he stops coming across as someone who is weak. Quoting Trudeau is not going to help him distinguish himself as an independent leader. He just seems like a patsy from the past. He should try actually speaking his mind, instead of listening to pollsters.

    Saying that, I hope he gives Harper a run for his money and puts the conservatives back into opposition.

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