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  1. Don’t wait, switch to Mac, or Linux.

    Vista is kludge upon kludge upon kludge…lots of nice ideas, but too much twine and duct tape used to implement them. I supported Vista for 3 months…it sucks galactic muffins!


  2. I’ll only be sorry to your wallet.

    My XP activations ran out 2 days ago after I uninstaller Vista and reinstalled XP. I have less than 30 days. So it’s either… pirate XP, or replace the fucking thing with a Mac. Or call MS and tell them my story and earn another credit. Ubuntu’s great but not for contracted production.


  3. I just spent an hour on the phone with MS trying to activate WHS. Whenever they put me on hold, I could hear conversations between random people and random insurance companies.

    Enough Visa numbers to buy Macs for everyone!

  4. In which case, Linux is the choice, as it can do everything that WHS can do, except crash. And you can even get it for free.


  5. Ouch, it must be a hard day to think that.

    Of course if you ever do pick up said OS, I’ll be interested in hearing! The PA guys ended up loving it even though they preceded it with years of illustrated abuse. ;)

  6. Although I have never been interested in Windows, WinFS was the first really interesting idea I had heard them have in…

    … well, you get the point.

    I liked the idea that someone with more financial resources than Be would actually give it a shot.

    Their surrender was pretty lame, too: we will take this DB technology and ship it as part of our DB software which is probably where we originally got it.

    Apple emulated a similar idea in Mac OS 10.4 using “Smart Folders” to back synthetic directories with SpotLight meta-data queries. The idea works but it is not as fast (static hierarchies generally give poor physical locality for relational data sets), generalized (the queries need to be run by the Finder so they aren’t transparent), or low-overhead (meta-data reindexing on file modification) as an implementation which uses intrinsic qualities of the FS.

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