ps: winter still sucks

Fun Facts:

– Danny’s rave was fantastic. I opened with Apotheosis, and closed with Hellsau. I’m an asshole like that.
– Mass Effect just might be the best non-Japanese console RPG I’ve ever played. This is what Star Control 3 should’ve been like.
– There’s an instrumental mix of NIN’s Year Zero floating around. It turns a good album into an incredible one. You should find it and listen to it.
– I should be sleeping.

7 thoughts on “ps: winter still sucks

  1. Heh, I haven’t tried it myself, but watching my brother play I’ve told him several times he ought to check out starcon2. I just finished Call of Duty 4. First game to make me say “oh my god” out loud … nevermind three times in a row.

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